Norwegian Coastal Voyage

The Complete Roundtrip Lasts 12 Fantastic Days, But You Can Enjoy a Shorter Trip, Too.

The complete 12-day roundtrip journey takes you northbound from Bergen in the south to Kirkenes in the north, close to the Russian border, stopping at 34 picturesque ports along the way. In Kirkenes the ship turns around and sails back down south along the coast to Bergen, making calls at the same 34 ports. The ports visited during the day on the northbound journey are visited during the night on the southbound voyage, and vice versa. For passengers who would like an in-depth Norwegian experience, the complete 12-day roundtrip is an ideal choice.

Passengers with less time may choose to experience a one-way voyage; the 7-day northbound journey embarking in Bergen and disembarking in Kirkenes, or the 6-day southbound voyage embarking in Kirkenes and disembarking in Bergen.

Regardless of the length of the voyage you choose, you are guaranteed days filled with majestic scenery from deep spectacular fjords to high snow-capped mountains, and a varied flora and fauna-make sure to pack your camera, extra film, and your binoculars for this "The World's Most Beautiful Voyage."

Welcome on board.

A Ship departs from Bergen or Kirkenes almost ever day of the year

Day 1 - Bergen

Bergen is the charming and busy capital of Norway's fjord district. If you arrive a few hours before departure, we recommend a stroll around the Bryggen Wharf area and the fish market. In days gone by, it was easier to travel from Bergen to the Continent by sea than it was to get to Oslo, and you can see this clearly in the city's architecture and culture. Your trip aboard the Norwegian Coastal Voyage will begin in the evening from Bergen.


Day 2* - Maloy-Torvik-Alesund-Molde-Kristiansund

When you awake, the ship will be crossing Stadthavet and heading for Torvik. You'll have time to stroll around the beautiful Art Nouveau town of Alesund. After a short stop at the Jazz Festival town of Molde, you'll cross Hustadvika before docking at Kristiansund. Optional Shore Excursions available: "Geiranger-Alesund" and "Geiranger-Molde".


Day 3 - Trondheim-Rorvik

You'll arrive in Trondheim early this morning, where you'll have ample free time to explore this historic and colorful town. Take a stroll through the streets, past the charming harbor, or cross the old city bridge to see the restored wooden buildings in Bakklandet. From Trondheim the ship will sail past many islands and skerries before arriving in Rorvik, where the southbound and northbound Coastal ships meet. Optional Shore Excursions available: "Ringve Museum of Musical History" and "Trondheim City Sightseeing".


Day 4 - Ornes-Bodo-Stamsund-Svolvaer

You'll have passed the Arctic Circle before you are fully awake. Now in the land of the Midnight Sun, the ship will follow the mighty Borvass Mountains on its way into Bodo. Then you'll sail out to sea, crossing Vestfjord in the direction of the dramatic Lofoten Islands before reaching Stamsund and Svolvaer in the evening. Later in the evening, the ship will continue north through the beautiful, narrow Raftsund Strait, passing the majestic Trollfjord on the port side. Optional Shore Excursions available: "Svartisen Glacier," and "Sea Safari to Saltstraumen".


Day 5 - Harstad-Finnsnes-Tromso-Skjervoy

The ship will call at Harstad at breakfast time. It will then continue through Vagsfjord and Malangen before starting its approach to Tromso. You'll have three hours for shopping and sightseeing in the capital of Arctic Norway before you leave to cross Lopphavet. Tomorrow, you'll wake up in Hammerfest. Optional Shore Excursions available: "Tromso City Sightseeing Including Polaria" and "Tromso Dogsledding Safari".


Day 6-7 - Hammerfest-Havoysund-Honningsvag-Kjollefjord-Mehamn-Berlevag-Kirkenes

In the Finnmark region, nature has created an austere, more dramatic landscape. You'll see both fishing villages from days gone by and lively fishing ports bustling with activity. The ship will head for Havoysund and Honningsvag, before turning east across Austhavet toward the well-known fishing villages of Kjollefjord, Mehamn, and Berlevag. On the morning of the seventh day you'll arrive at Kirkenes, the journey's northern terminus. Optional Shore Excursions available: "The North Cape" and "Bird-watching Safari".


Day 7 - Kirkenes-Vardo-Batsfjord-Berlevag

After a few hours docked at Kirkenes, the ship will depart once again to start the second half of its voyage. On the southbound journey, it will be daylight when it was night on the trip northward. Crossing Varangerfjord, you'll arrive in Vardo, the easternmost point in Norway. Leaving Vardo, the ship will circumnavigate the Varanger Peninsula before arriving in Batsfjord and Berlevag in the evening. The journey will then continue along the coast of the Finnmark region. Optional Shore Excursions available: "Russian Border Trip," "Riverboat Safari to the Russian Border," and "Kirkenes Barents Safari"


Day 8 - Honningsvag-Havoysund-Hammerfest-Oksfjord-Skjervoy-Tromso

You'll arrive at Honningsvag in the early hours of the morning. After calling at Havoysund, the ship will stop for two hours in Hammerfest. It will then head south across Soroysund to Oksfjord. Once again, you'll cross Lopphavet, arriving at Skjervoy in the evening. You'll dock in Tromso shortly before midnight, just in time to enjoy the nightlife of this city, which is known as "the Paris of the North." Optional Shore Excursions available: "Honningsvag-The North Cape-Hammerfest" and "Midnight Sun Concert".


Day 9 - Harstad-Risoyhamn-Sortland-Stokmarknes-Svolvaer-Stamsund

The island groups of Lofoten and Vesteralen are believed by many to be the most beautiful scenery on the journey. Before you reach the islands, you'll see the captain carefully manoeuver the ship through the shallow waters of the Risoyrenna Channel, where shallow sand banks are visible through the clear green water on both sides of the channel. You'll pass through the dramatic narrow Raftsund Strait leading into the breathtaking Trollfjord before arriving in Svolvaer and Stamsund. In the evening, the ship heads east across Vestfjord toward Bodo. Optional Shore Excursions available: "Harstad-Sortland" and "Svolvaer-Henningsvaer-Stamsund".


Day 10 - Ornes-Nesna-Sandnessjoen-Bronnoysund-Rorvik

After leaving Ornes, you'll travel through exciting and colorful waters, sailing through narrow straits bordered by lush agricultural land. Nearly every peak of the towering mountains in the background is associated with a local legend. Crossing the Arctic Circle once again, you'll pass both Nesna and Sandnessjoen. On the approach to Bronnoysund, which you'll reach in the afternoon, you'll pass the spectacular, mythical Seven Sisters Mountains. Make sure you're on deck when the ship leaves Bronnoysund and you'll see why the captain needs a steady hand! The last port of call for today will be Rorvik.


Day 11 - Trondheim-Kristiansund-Molde

You arrive in Trondheim early, and you can use the morning to visit Norway's largest medieval church, Nidaros Cathedral, and the newly restored Archbishop's Residence. The ship will then continue its journey, sailing out through the beautiful Trondheimsfjord, past the islands of Grip and Hitra, with its large flocks of deer. It will then pass Smola before arriving in Kristiansund, a town famous for the local salted cod. At the end of the day, you call at Molde, before arriving in Alesund late in the evening with just enough time for a quick stroll on shore. Optional Shore Excursion available: "Trondheim City Sightseeing".


Day 12 - Floro-Bergen

During the night, the ship will call at Torvik, Maloy, and Floro. The World's Most Beautiful Voyage is drawing to a close. But don't say good-bye just yet . . . ahead of you lies mile after mile of spectacular west Norway scenery: holly trees on Svanoy, the mouth of Sognefjord, and the beautiful archipelago on the approach to Bergen.


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